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Generate well-being for Haitian and Dominican children, offering medical, physical and educational care, covering their basic needs to improve their quality of life.

We work so that each child in a vulnerable situation, in some of the most disadvantaged places in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, receives food, education and health care. We are an instrument of solidarity and social justice and we are focused on serving mainly children or especially vulnerable youth groups.


-Relieve the suffering of Dominican and Haitian children who are orphaned.

-Provide a home to children and adolescents who are in a state of vulnerability, where they are provided with education, medical care, psychological help.

-Create a medical dispensary within the home, to provide a health service to children, which will be made up of a group of doctors, nurses, volunteers and professionals through a work contract that the foundation pays, the medicines and expendable material being covered by the Loving Hands United foundation.

-Organize a mobile medical clinic to bring a health service to the Bateyes, with its medical laboratory for the purpose of a rapid diagnosis, where tests will be carried out, medical treatment will be granted, intervening in areas where they lack resources and are in a vulnerable state. (Sponsorship is requested for this project)

-Give talks and seminars on education for the prevention of HIV, the abuse of prohibited substances, obesity and cancer awareness, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, dermatological diseases.
Offer family planning programs, talks on the protection of the family to improve the way of life and combat poverty and social inequality.

-Organize events to provide the community in general with information on the different symptoms, risk factors and development of treatments for the medical condition suffered in the community. They will be carried out through strategic alliances with volunteer professionals.

-Implement sustainable strategic alliances with other organizations, both public and private, to carry out medical operations, talks on personal hygiene, the elimination of food waste, preventive treatments for common diseases, supply free medical exams, medical supplies, contraceptive treatments, among other needs. health in vulnerable areas.

-Contribute to the protection of people’s health.

-Offer guidance for a balanced and nutritious diet, through talks and recipe books so they can prepare them at home according to their needs.

-Provide 1 nutritious meal to 450 people who are living in the bateyes with extreme food needs due to lack of economic resources.

-Build bathrooms and toilets in the bateyes, so that it is accessible to the community to bathe, relieve themselves and maintain proper hygiene.

-Distribute supplies, medical books, personal hygiene products, basic medical equipment and supplies to people in need in the bateyes.

-Coordinate donations with the different organizations that can cooperate with the cause, supplying medical equipment, expendable material and a group of health professionals who collaborate with the health project.

-Teach reading and writing in Spanish and Creole to literate the people who live in the bateyes, creating additional opportunities for them to get out of a life of forced labor, which is often due to lack of education.

-Help Haitian migrants who do not have a legal status in the Dominican Republic, providing a legal orientation service so that they can obtain legal status, an equitable development of life, study and develop in the Dominican Republic.

-Develop a social impact project in Batey Baraguana, which is for sustainable development over time creating job opportunities, economic development and improvement in the quality of life of the inhabitants of the batey.

-Build ponds, to raise fish, greenhouses for vegetables, where work and economics are generated in the bateyes, strategic alliances will be made to achieve this development project in the community, with the technique of Aquaponic Systems, providing a continuous supply of fresh food, 365 days a year, in any weather. (This project needs financing, we request help and collaboration)

-Comply with the 2030 agenda for sustainable development, collaborating to eradicate poverty, zero hunger, health and well-being, quality education, gender equality, clean water and sanitation, decent work and economic growth, sustainable communities, responsible production and consumption, peace, justice and solid institutions and create alliances to achieve the proposed objectives for the benefit of the community.

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